Date30 July 2024 (Tuesday)
Time15:00 – 16:30
Name of the activityAsian studies
About the 8% in Hong Kong

Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Trolley Problem 2.0

Mind-Reading Using an Eye-Tracker — Live Demonstration and Try-out
Introduction of activityAsian studies
The 8% refers to the non-Chinese population, also known as Ethnic minorities, in Hong Kong which is a predominate Chinese society. Ems are stereotypically narrated in certain ways. The quiz is used to introduce the understated culture, history and contribution of Ems in an engaging and exciting quiz.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Students will engage in thought experiments with different versions of the trolley problem to reflect on the nature of moral thinking and understand the significance of thought experiments for learning in politics, economics, and philosophy.

In this activity the instructor will introduce some applications of eye-tracking technology and demonstrate the use of the Gazepoint GP3 eye-tracker in a portable setting. The participants will be allowed to try out the instrument. The aim of this activity is to arouse the participants’ interest in psychology and allow the participants to gain hands-on experience in using an eye-tracker.
Format of ActivityAsian studies
A Quiz contest

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Live demonstration and try-out
Medium of InstructionCantonese
Introduction to Instructor(s)Asian studies
Ms. Maggie WONG
Senior Lecturer
Department of Social Science
Ms. Wong is currently teaching Sociology related courses in Asian Studies programme.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Dr Muk-Yan WONG
Associate Professor
Department of Social Science
Dr Wong received his PhD (Philosophy) from the University of Cincinnati in USA. He is the program director of Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics Programme. His major research areas include Philosophy of Emotion, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology.

Dr Leo LIE
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Science
Dr Lie is a Chartered Psychologist specializing in Experimental Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction. He holds a Bachelor of Cognitive Science (First Class Honours) and a PhD in Psychology from The University of Hong Kong and a Master of Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.
School / DepartmentDepartment of Social Science
Related Undergraduate Programme(s)Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Asian Studies

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology

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