Programme and Activities

1. Can I choose academic activities under different groups?
  No. All participants will be classed in only one group and attend the academic activities under the same group.

2. Are there any homework, tests or examinations?
  No. The academic activities are primarily conducted in the mode of demo lecture, game or workshop. Participants
need to complete the worksheets, group discussions or group presentations in class only.

3. Are the after class activities compulsory?
  Participants have to join one of the after class activities to experience the diversified college life.


4. Do I need to reside in the Residential Colleges?
  Yes. All participants should reside in the Residential Colleges to experience the unique residential life.

5. Can I choose the room type or my roommate?
  No. HSMC will assign room and which of roommates for all participants.

6. Is there any free WI-FI in the Residential Colleges?
  Yes. Free WI-FI is available. Participants are kindly advised to take good care of their own properties such as the
mobile communication devices.

Personal Belongings and Meals

7. What personal belongings should I prepare?
  Please bring your stationery, an empty bottle, a jacket, clothes and sanitary items, and dress properly during
the whole programme. Some participants should prepare the sportswear for after class activity. Details
will be emailed in due course.

8. Do I need to prepare my daily meals?
  All meals will be supplied by HSMC. You may prepare your own snacks if needed.

9. I have serious food allergy. Can I have special meal arrangement?
  All participants need to submit a set of declaration forms in early May 2018. We will contact you after receiving your notification.

Application and Participation Fee

10. I have not taken any Business subjects like Economics or Business, Accounting and Financial Studies. Can I join this event?
  Yes. No relevant knowledge is required.

11. Can I withdraw if I have confirmed another study tour after paying for the HSMC Summer Academy 2018?
  Yes. You can withdraw from the HSMC Summer Academy 2018 by sending us email (sa@hsmc.edu.hk) as soon as possible. Once the place is confirmed with participation fee, no refund will be made for any personal reasons.

12. Are there any credit transfer or credit exemption if I am admitted to HSMC undergraduate programmes in future?
  No credit transfer or credit exemption will be arranged for Summer Academy participants when they are admitted to HSMC undergraduate programmes.