After Class Activities

HSMC Hunt From one end of the campus till the other, HSMC Hunt is the best way to know who we are. During the event, you are going to explore our college with your team members by finish several exciting tasks in the checkpoints.
Aptitude Test for Careers and Further Studies Hardly can one know everything about oneself, but here you can discover yourself bit by bit. You are going to explore your interest and talents through an aptitude test which may help you engage with future study and career.
Experiencing Rugby  "Hand-off in the red zone, close to a goal, and he scores." Perhaps you don’t have a chance to play rugby in your PE lessons, but it doesn’t matter now. We are going to offer you an elementary class in which you can learn to play rugby through different mini games.
Leather Bracelet DIY Have you ever tried to make your own bracelet? If you haven’t, here comes a chance. We are going to hold a little workshop teaching the participants to make a leather bracelet from step one. 
Tote Bag DIY Everyone gets a tote bag nowadays, but most of them are monotonous. Let’s make one special and personal. You can take part in a workshop and learn the way to design your own tote bag.


Important Notes

  1. The quota of after class activities is limited. All participants will be allocated to either one activity according to the order of priority.