Your Ideal Smart City

Activity Your Ideal Smart City
Form Game
Medium of Instruction Cantonese
Description The concept of “Smart City” was first raised by the IBM in 2008 aiming to explore the advancement of the city as well as its operation with manipulation of information and communication technologies. A Smart City makes good use of information technologies and innovative ideas to improve the city management, systems and services, enhance the effectiveness of resources and energy utilization, and finally improve people’s quality of living as well as city’s sustainability.  How many enabling technologies do we have? How will the possible solutions change our lives with less CO2 emission? Participants will explore the keys and practical elements of developing a Smart City through a wild combination card game. Let’s create your “I”deal Smart City!
Instructor(s) Dr. WU Chun Ho, Jack
Assistant Professor of Department of Supply Chain and
Information Management
Over the years, Dr. Wu worked closely with many industrial partners to support and contribute to the formulation of their business strategies, operations improvement and new product development. Dr Wu was the recipient of the Big Data Analysis Award from the China & Hong Kong Enterprise Market Development Association in 2014, and the Best Reviewer Award for a journal entitled Internet Research in 2016. 

Dr. HO To Sum, George
Assistant Professor of Department of Supply Chain and Information Management
Dr. Ho has his major research interests in Business Intelligence and Smart City. He and his team have successfully developed different intelligent systems such as the drug management systems to prevent errors in dispensing drugs. One of his projects named “IoT-based Advanced Automobile Parking Navigation System” has won the “Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury” in the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.

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Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours)