More than a Wordsmith: Get to Know Translation in the Digital Era!

Activity More than a Wordsmith: Get to Know Translation in the Digital Era!
Form Workshop
Medium of Instruction Cantonese and English

The School of Translation will offer an introductory workshop on professional translation in the digital era. With a wide range of activities, multimedia tools, and case studies, the workshop will explore:

  1. the nature and development of translation activities;
  2. major aspects of the translation industry;
  3. cultural issues in translation; and
  4. key solutions to translation problems.

Furthermore, it will discuss not only business and legal translation, but also game localisation, audiovisual translation, and translation technology.

Instructor(s) Mr. SIU Sai Yau, Jeffrey
Lecturer I of School of Translation


Mr. Jeffrey Siu received his BA (First Class Honours) and MPhil from The University of Hong Kong and he is doing a PhD in Translation at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests include Buddhist scripture translation, translation of ancient Chinese texts, computer-assisted translation, Dunhuang studies, and the history of medieval China. He has published academic articles in international refereed journals, such as the Journal of Oriental Studies and Studies of Translation and Interpretation. He has also published monographs on Buddhist studies and Chinese history. He has been an active developer of web-based tools for the translation of Buddhist texts for the public use.

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