How to build up a Green Smart City @ Green Roof

Activity How to build up a Green Smart City @ Green Roof
Form Demo Lecture and Site Visit
Medium of Instruction Cantonese and English
Description When a future Smart City is being developed, sustainable environmental control and greenery concerns are essential components in future building design. A green roof (Rr Living Roof) which is a fast-growing Smart City design in modern buildings, refers to a partially or completely covered rooftop with vegetation creating a pleasant micro-climate and ecosystem. Apart from heat and rainwater absorption which mitigates the effects from urban heat island by lowering the buildings’ temperature, the greenery on top is able to filter particulate matter improving the air quality, creating a much more pleasant environement.

This activity will help students understand the importance and advantages of setting up green roofs on modern buildings. Students can visit various Hanging Gardens and Green Roofs within the HSUSK campus and design a demo Green Roof for their own schools or other selected buildings.

Instructor(s) Dr. CHAN Wing Ho, Michael
Assistant Professor of Department of Social Science
Dr. Chan received his PhD in the Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong. His studies interests include Urban Greenery Studies, Urban Ecology and Conservation, Cultural management, Cultural Tourism Studies, etc.
Related Programme Common Core Curriculum: General Education (Science and Technology)