Professional Video Production with a Smartphone

Activity Professional Video Production with a Smartphone
Form Workshop
Medium of Instruction Cantonese

Smartphone is an inevitable part of our life. Apart from enabling us to share photos and videos via social media platforms, corporates may promote their brand by eye-catching videos. In this workshop, participants can:

  1. Master professional video-production skills with a smartphone
  2. Explore the work nature of various positions in media industry (including directing, filming, soundtracking and lighting)
  3. Inspire their innovation and creativity
  4. Develop interest and unleash talent in media industry
  5. Interact with other participants
Instructor(s) Mr. HO Ming Sang, Tommy
Technical Offcer of School of Communication


Mr. YIU Yiu Wing, Jimmy
Technical Offcer

Related Programme Bachelor of Journalism and Communication (Honours) ;
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Convergent Media and Communication Technology