Greening of the Language Arts

Activity Greening of the Language Arts
Form Workshop
Medium of Instruction English
Description This workshop is an opportunity for participants to work in small collaborative teams.

At this workshop, participants will learn more about the use of language to please and to persuade, and the correlation of rhetoric and psychology. Examples will be extracted from discourses such as political speeches.

The instructor will lead the participants through a shared discovery of the art of language and rhetoric integrating problem-solving skills, collaborative learning and presentation.


Dr. WONG Yuen Wing, Catherine

Assistant Professor of Department of English
Dr. Wong received her PhD from the School of English, University of Liverpool. She specialises in the area of diasporic and postcolonial writing in modern and contemporary period. Her principal research interest centres on the employment of stylistics, literary linguistics and literary criticism theory in exploring the literary style and narrative discourse, as well as the discovery of new dialects of English in these Anglophone writings. She is also interested in Romantic and Modernist poetry.

Related Programme Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English